To appear in April, 2024 with Cambridge University Press: "Risk revealed: Cautionary tales, understanding and communication".

Explore the concept of risk through numerous examples and their statisticalmodeling, traveling from a historical perspective all the way to an up-to-datetechnical analysis. Written with a wide readership in mind, this book beginswith accounts of a selection of major historical disasters, such as the NorthSea flood of 1953 and the L'Aquila earthquake. These tales serve to set thescene and to motivate the second part of the book, which describes themathematical tools required to analyze these events, and how to use them. Thefocus is on the basic understanding of the mathematical modeling of risk andwhat types of questions the methods allow one to answer. The text offers abridge between the world of science and that of everyday experience. It iswritten to be accessible to readers with only a basic background in mathematicsand statistics. Even the more technical discussions are interspersed withhistorical comments and plentiful examples.

img risk revealed